15 Unexpected Ingenious Uses For Plastic Wrap

There’s one thing you can find in nearly all kitchen pantries – plastic wrap!

We all cover our left over food with plastic wrap, but it has some other pretty interesting uses.

Keep reading to discover 15 unexpected ingenious uses for plastic wrap!

1. Keeping flowers fresh

Not everyone has flowers delivered to that special someone. It can be extra special to hand deliver the gorgeous flowers in person. So, how do you keep the bouquet healthy and fresh until you can present them?

It’s super simple! Just dampen a bit of paper towel and wrap it around the flower stems. Then, take your plastic wrap and cover the paper towel. This will help lock that moisture in, keeping your flowers looking like they’re fresh from the florist.

2. Protect your drink

Whether you’re afraid of spilling your drink in the car, or you simply want to keep bugs out of your drink, this is a great solution.

Just cover your drink nice and tightly with plastic wrap, stick a straw through it and voila! You have yourself a makeshift lid!

3. Keep bananas fresh

I’ve been using this one for several years now, and I discovered it completely by accident.

After buying a bunch of bananas, I noticed that the sticky plastic that holds the bundle together had shifted to the top, where the bananas connect. I didn’t have a place to discard the plastic, so I just tightened it around the top.

Normally, after a few days, my ripe bananas would be starting to soften and brown. Not this time. My bananas stayed firm and yellow until they were gone (for more than a week).

Now, when I buy bananas, I just put a bit of plastic wrap on the top. easy peasey!

4. Keep paint from drying out

I learned this one from watching my Mother-in-law. I noticed after she was done using a paint roller for the day, she would cover it with a plastic shopping bag.

We try to be as green as possible in our home, so we don’t tend to have many plastic shopping bags.  I quickly realized that substituting the bag with plastic wrap would work out perfectly. And, as an added bonus, it works even better!

5. Phone/tablet screen protector


A screen protector for your phone/tablet can run upwards of $50. Plastic wrap can be found for as little as $1. Why pay all of that extra money when you can make your own screen protector?

First, clean your phone/tablet screen really well and make sure it’s totally dry. Then, cut a piece of plastic wrap that is a few inches larger than your screen. Stretch the plastic wrap over your screen  ensuring that your keep it nice and smooth. Wrap any excess around the back of your phone. Finally, put your phone case back on and you’re ready to go!

6. stop liquids from leaking while traveling

Anyone who has ever flown on a plane knows that your bottles of liquids – conditioner, suntan lotion – are bound to leak. Luckily, there’s a very simple hack to prevent this from happening.

Simply remove the top of your bottle, put a piece of plastic wrap over the opening and replace the top. No more messy luggage when you land.

7. trap fruit flies

While I am very fond of the apple cider vinegar method for trapping fruit flies, this one is pretty great as well. All you have to do is put a few pieces of fruit into a small cup, cover the cup tightly with plastic wrap and pierce through the middle with a knife. The stickiness of the plastic wrap helps to keep the fruit flies from escaping.

8. unclog your toilet

If your plunger fails, or if you straight up do not have one, you need to try this.

Cover your toilet bowl with plastic wrap and flush. When the plastic starts to expand, push down to create enough pressure to unblock your pipes.

9. prevent freezer burn on your ice cream

Not everyone eats an entire ice cream container in one go – believe it or not. Leaving your ice cream in the freezer over a short period of time will cause it to have freezer burn, which will ruin it.

To prevent this, simply remove the lid to your ice cream, cover the opening with plastic wrap and put the lid back on.

10. frottage your walls

Frottage is a surrealist form of painting that gives your walls a rich antique texture.

Wrinkle up and sheet of plastic wrap, and then un-wrinkle it. Then, apply it to freshly painted walls. Repeat the process until your wall is done.

This is super fun for both adults and children.

11. keep fridge shelves clean

Does anyone love to clean their fridge? I sure don’t. But, thanks to plastic wrap, I hate it a lot less.

All you have to do is pull out your fridge shelves, stretch and smooth plastic wrap over them, and put them back in the fridge. When it’s time to clean again, just peel off the old plastic wrap and replace it with new stuff.

12. miniature greenhouse

15 Unexpected Ingenious Uses For Plastic Wrap

To aid any kind of seed sprout and begin to grow, all you need to do is cover the pot over with plastic wrap once it’s been watered. This will prevent the soil and plants from drying out, allowing them to grow faster. Lift the edge of the plastic once a day to allow air to circulate a bit, so you don’t grow mold.

13. fix drafty windows

Does one of your windows have a crack? Are you too busy and/or short on money to replace the window right now?

Simply layer some plastic wrap over the crack and voila! No more draft.

14. get a grip

Using a shovel or a rake can be pretty rough on your hands, even if you’re using gloves. And, if your hands start to sweat, it makes keeping a grip that much harder, To aid with this, tightly wrap some plastic wrap around the handles where you’ll be gripping – no more slipping!

15. protect a fresh tattoo

Whenever I’ve gotten some new ink, the tattoo artist either covers it in plastic wrap, or suggests I do it when I get home. This helps keep your broken skin and your clothes clean. But, only do it for the first day, and don’t forget the B12 ointment!

What are some other ingenious things you use plastic wrap for? Please let us know in the comments!

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15 Unexpected Ingenious Uses For Plastic Wrap

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