9 ‘Healthy Foods’ That Are Unhealthy For You

Most people would be surprised to learn just how often they are consuming so-called ‘healthy foods’ that are unhealthy for them.

The world’s population is sicker and fatter than ever before. And it’s only getting worse.

Healthy eating is hard when so many unhealthy foods are tricking you into thinking they’re healthy.

Here are 9 ‘healthy foods’ that are unhealthy for you.

1. fruit juices

When you were growing up, did your parents tell you to eat all of your fruit & veggies?

Of course they did. Because fruits & vegetables are loaded with lot’s of wonderful things that are great for you.

This is why so many people think that fruit juices are also good for them. They come from fruit, they must be good for you.

Unfortunately, most fruit juices aren’t even made from fruit. What you end up drinking is chemicals that taste like fruit mixed with sugar water.

Even if you’re drinking fruit juice that you know is just fruit – it’s still bad. All of the good things – like fibre – are taken out, and all that’s left is sugar.

2. whole wheat

So… you’re shopping. Looking for healthy foods. Reading the labels on everything and you come across things that say “heart healthy”.

But did you know that most ‘whole wheat’ products aren’t actually made from whole wheat?

The grains are typically ground into very fine flour, causing them raise blood sugar just as quickly as their refined counterparts.

Whole wheat bread can actually have a similar glycemic index as white bread.

3. margarine

Way back when, butter got a bad rep due to it’s high saturated fat content.

Margarine then became the new butter. The good thing about margarine is that it’s low in trans fat, but it is still packed with refined vegetable oils that are no good for you.

Here’s the deal – margarine is not food! Margarine is chemicals and refined oils that have been made to resemble food.

So, even though the calorie count in margarine is considerably less than in butter, butter is actually better for you.

4. Agave Nectar

Everyone knows that sugar is bad for you. So, it’s only logical to look for a healthy sugar substitute.

A popular alternative to sugar is agave nectar aka agave syrup.

You will find Agave in all sorts of “heathy foods”, many times with attractive claims on the package.

The problem with Agave is that it is actually way worse for you than sugar!

Sugar contains roughly 50% fructose & 55% High Fructose Corn Syrup. Agave contains anywhere from 70-90%.

5. bran muffins

Healthy Foods That are Unhealthy For You - Bran Muffins

While bran itself is a healthy source of whole grain fibre, it becomes drastically less nutritious once baked into a muffin that also contains flour, fat and sugar.

Did you know that a typical bran muffin actually contains more sugar than a doughnut?

6. multigrain bread

Words like “multigrain,” “wheat,” and “7 grain” can be very misleading.

Many breads labeled like this actually contain refined grains, which lack the fibre of whole grains & can make your blood sugar spike fast after eating.


7. reduced-fat peanut butter

It’s surprising how many people don’t know this — the fat from nuts is good for you!

When you compare the nutrition labels of regular and reduced-fat peanut butter, you’ll see that the calories are nearly equal.

The biggest difference is that the reduced-fat peanut butter adds in more sugar to make up for the missing fat.

So, the reduced-fat peanut butter is taking away what is actually good for you in it, and replacing it with junk. Crazy, right?

8. rice crackers/cakes

Healthy Foods That Are Unhealthy For You

Rice crackers & cakes have long been a staple of the diet world.

These “healthy foods” that are unhealthy, lack fibre and can be high in sodium.

Rice crackers are actually considered carb dense. Carb-dense foods can alter the balance of your gut flora and cause inflammation.

9. bottled salad dressing

Healthy Foods That Are Unhealthy For You

Check out the ingredient list on most bottled dressings, and you’ll often see multiple lines of additives – sugars, colouring agents, flavour enhancers and thickeners.

The healthiest option is to make your own vinaigrette based salad dressing.

If you don’t have the time or desire to do that, search for bottles that have a short list of recognizable ingredients & low sodium (under 300mg per serving).

Do you have any so-called ‘healthy foods” that are unhealthy for you that we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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Healthy Foods That Are Unhealthy For You


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