18 Uses For Baby Oil That Will Save You Money

In the future, when you need to relax, unravel, or add dazzle an object, why not try baby oil?

The delicately scented oil works wonders with so many different things that have absolutely nothing to do with a baby.

Having baby oil on hand can save you from needing to buy multiple single-use products that can be overpriced.

Read on to discover 18 uses for baby oil that will save you money!

1. chewing gum remover

I can’t even count the amount of times I got gum stuck in my hair as a child. Has this happened to you or your child? If/when it does happen, just rub a little baby oil into it to soften it. Then, take a shampoo comb and gradually work it out.

2. leather oil

This is where the magic of baby oil really starts to save you some money! Anyone who has purchased leather oil knows how pricey it can be. If you want to spruce up some leather shoes, a purse, car interior or furniture, just rub a little oil on them.

3. zipper fixer

Have a stuck zipper? Apply a little baby oil to a Q-tip until the zipper is functioning normally again. Be careful to not get any oil on your garments to avoid staining.

4. golf club polish

There are several products you can use to polish your golf clubs – WD-40, Vaseline, and of course, baby oil. Just add some oil to a cloth and polish as normal.

5. sticker/tape removal

If a sticker and/or tape resists removal from glass, china or plastic, rub in some oil and wait a bit. The sticker and/or tape should come off easily.

6. destroy soap scum

Coat your shower curtains and glass doors with a small amount of baby oil. Make sure to wipe up any drips so no one slips.

7. silence a squeaky hinge

Simply add a drop or two of baby oil to any squeaky hinge. Alternatively, you can use Vicks VapoRub but it doesn’t smell quite as nice.

8. wood dust & polisher

Put a small amount of oil on your cloth before dusting, and dust will cling right to it. To polish, go back over your freshly dusted wood with a clean, dry cloth.

9. chrome or steel shiner

Wipe stainless steel or chrome with a little baby oil on a soft cloth, and it will shine like a diamond.

10. necklace de-tangler

If the pendant from your favourite necklace is on a knotted chain, rub a drop of oil onto the tangle, and then pick it apart with a straight pin.

11. heal cracked feet

Winter can be harsh on our skin, especially our feet. If your feet are feeling dry or cracked, massage some oil on them before bed. Make sure to wear some old socks to keep the moisture in and avoid staining your sheets. Alternatively, you can use Vicks VapoRub on your damaged feet, but baby oil does smell nicer.

12. treat sore muscles

Baby oil is a wonderful & cost effective alternative to massage oils. And it works just as well with the added bonus of leaving your skin super soft!

13. cuticle oil

When giving yourself a manicure, you can stick with tried and true cuticle oil, or you can give baby oil a go.

14. eye make-up remover

Sure, you can stick with eye makeup remover, but a cotton ball dampened with oil takes care of eye shadow and eyeliner without irritating delicate skin.

15. wax off

If you’re waxing eyebrows, legs, armpits, or, other parts of your body, use some baby oil after to remove any lingering wax.

16. shave gel alternative

Use a thin layer of oil on your legs instead of shave cream or gel before shaving. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of extra soft & smooth skin.

17. Stretch Your Shower Gel

Mix a bit of  oil into your favourite bottle of shower gel. Not only will it help soften your skin every time you shower, but it will also stretch that bottle and make it last longer!

18. Clean Stained Hands

Use baby oil to remove grease or paint from your hands. It works well, and it’s much gentler on your skin than scrubbing the mess off, or using harsh chemicals! Plus, your hands will feel super soft afterward.

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